How It Works

Youth Action Mapper is a growing alliance to foster and leverage citizen energy in support of the Global Goals through this GIS mapping solution to help youth map the places/opportunities to take action on the 17 Global Goals. We are piloting an iteration of this mobile app/platform (Youth Action Mapper) as part of our CreativeMapper suite of mobile data collection and mapping tools. With the goal of reaching youth in over 100 countries, initially to:


  • Map on mobile devices all the places in their community where people are can take action on different Opportunities/Goals.
  • Educate people about the Global Goals and where to take action through a global network of community maps accessible via mobile and web.
  • Engage Points of Contact (POC) in each local organization where Opportunity Actions have been tagged. Each month, the Point of Contact for any Opportunity Action location can upload information on progress towards any of the 17 goals on which youth and others are working at their site.

These Action Maps created either via one central mapping tool, or a network of them based in various countries, will be promoted for you to keep updated and to find opportunities to take action on them year round

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Watch our Video on How to Use the Youth Action Mapper Tool, Powered by CreativeMapper